VITROVEX collectible spheres now also available on Ebay

Lately 6 x 17″ VITROVEX floatation spheres have appeared on Ebay Brazil and are currently for sale for as little as 1,500 US$! For a strange reason however, these spheres are not designated to be shipped to Germany.

These spheres were sold in 2016 and given that comparable new spheres are available from us for less than half the requested Ebay price we have now learned that our VITROVEX spheres are obviously valuable collector’s items as their value increase over time. So, watch this sale on Ebay and if the seller succeeds with his sale you may very well considering acquiring new spheres, keeping them a few years and then resell them on Ebay for more than twice the original price.

As always we are eager to assist you whenever necessary and if you require a quotation just let us know.