Flanges provide an alternative solution to open and close spheres. They are often made of Titanium due to similar thermal expansion coefficients. Stainless steel or plastic flanges could also be feasible for short term deployments or shallow water applications. Leak tightness is achieved, similar to any other non-glass housings, by means of o-rings between two flanges.

Nautilus Marine Service provides a default flange design and can also manufacture according to customer’s needs.

The glass housing is bonded to the flanges using a commercially available adhesive.

For customers who like to apply their own flanges to glass housings, Nautilus Marine Service has a bonding instruction available as well as corresponding tools and adhesive.


Please note: In general, glass housings are very strong against pressure, but do not have the same qualities against tension or shear or torsion. So, do not install glass housings at platforms where they are subjected to such forces. This is particularly important for housings which have been furnished with metal flanges. Do not use those flanges as mounting support on flexible surfaces.