All stationary and autonomous instrumentation for observational activities in ocean research have two significant things in common. Firstly, they require pressure-resistant housings and secondly, they need buoyancy to bring instruments safely back to the surface.

VITROVEX floatation housings are available in either spherical or cylindrical shape; each with different sizes and pressure ratings up to full ocean depth.

Nautilus Marine Service complements its VITROVEX glass floatation housings by a broad range of services and accessories to support customization thereof.

As of March 25th, 2019 the customs tariff no. for all Vitrovex pressure housings has been set to 9015 9000.

Please follow below for details of each individual model series, related services and accessories.

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VITROVEX floatation spheres

VITROVEX floatation spheres are composed of two mated hemispheres that are evacuated and locked into position by a sealant and a protective tape. Once the spheres are sealed, the two hemispheres are kept together by the atmospheric pressure on land and the pressure of the water column when deployed.

VITROVEX floatation spheres are sealed during fabrication in a vacuum chamber and supposed to remain sealed during their whole lifetime.

Precision moulding of the highest quality glass, skilled craftsmanship and strict quality control ensures that VITROVEX spheres show very little deviation in shape even under high pressure. VITROVEX spheres are to a very large degree free of imperfections, and parting plane sealing faces are honed to a precise flatness and finish. However, Nautilus Marine Service recommends checking floatation spheres before and after deployment for any signs of chipping or damages that may jeopardize the integrity of the pressure housing.


Accessories & Services

For protection, storage, and ease of handling LDPE (low-density polyethylene) protective shells are available as well as mounting framework with swivelling sphere fixings, rope, thimbles and shackles (EDDYGRIP system).

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Protective shells

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