New hyperbaric pressure testing system at Nautilus Marine Service

As of January 2018, Nautilus Marine Service GmbH operates a hyperbaric testing chamber with capability that extends to full ocean depth and beyond (1.300bar/18.850psi).

In order to further secure the company’s leading market position and continue to meet the high demands for the quality of VITROVEX enclosures, Nautilus Marine Service is horizontally integrating and expanding their in-house capabilities by being able to verify and test all of their products and components to the highest standards possible.

The pressure chamber is primary designed to meet the challenging demands for conducting tests on VITROVEX® glass enclosures and related products, and has been optimised in terms of speed, accuracy and robustness over traditional pressure test facilities.

The pressure test chamber is available to outside clients also to carry out contracted pressure testing, which would support the region’s different manufacturing disciplines and industries in increased testing capabilities where deep water tests and simulations are necessary.

  • Pressure test to 1.300bar (18.850 psi)
  • Inner dimensions: d = 700mm, l = 1400mm
  • Computer-controlled with diagnosis and quality control
  • Fast test execution thru innovative lid design
  • Programmable pressure gradient and cycles sequences
  • High degree of control accuracy with 0.5 bar
  • Video monitoring and recording
  • Basket to accommodate enclosures with assorted sizes
  • Certificate after test
  • Electrical penetrations to the test object(s)
  • Remote supervision and access
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