Scope of supply  
Pressure housing: VITROVEX 13” instrument sphere, 7.000m or 12.000m depth rating
Battery: High-Performance Li-Ion rechargeable PowerPack with “SubConn®” BH6F power output port inclusive dummy plug and DLSBM and DLSBF
Battery charger: Automatic high-power Li-Ion battery charger with micro-controller and “SubConn®” BH5M charge port incl. dummy plug and DLSBM and DLSBF
BMS: Battery Management System (voltages, current, temperature, SOC, diagnostic) with data acquisition and interface, incl. 24 Bit high-res data acquisition, RS-232 or RS-485 interface (other on request) and configurable NMEA-0183 (simple ASCII) data protocol. Connection and communication with Battery Module by “SubConn®” BH10F management port inclusive dummy plug and DLSBM and DLSBF
Remote On/Off: To switch Battery Module or just BMS electronic on or off. Low-resistance and low-power dissipation for best performance.
High-current output: 20A or 30A, High current is for peak or short time only. Current must be limited between 10A to 20A max. continuously. 
OceanView®: configuration software for BMS
Recommended temperature conditions Operating -20°C to +60°C Charging +10°C to +45°C Storage -20°C to +50°C