Please see below for the accessories and services for VITROVEX floatation housings.

accessories  overview
ManometerManometers that are glued in place on the inside of the glass housings to quickly check the status of vacuum (The protective shell can be modified in this regard, to visually check the vacuum right before a deployment without further disassembling efforts).
Protective shellsProtective shells for protection, storage, and ease of handling.
Mounting frameworkMounting framework with swiveling sphere fixings, rope, thimbles and shackles (EDDYGRIP system) to support mooring design.
Lifting aidsExperience has shown that hand carrying heavy glass hemispheres could sometimes be challenging. The proposed lifting aid might be helpful in this regard.
Protective tapeScotchrap is used to protect the TEROSTAT sealing tape from mechanical damage or from any other negative impact e.g. caused by sea water. Scotchrap Tapes have a 5-year shelf life (from date of manufacturer) when stored under the following recommended storage conditions:
Store in a clean dry place at a temperature of approx. 21°C (70°F) and 40 to 50% relative humidity. Good stock rotation is recommended.
Shelf-live becomes virtually unlimited when stored cool and dry (15°C / 40% rel. humidity).
services overview
Pressure testPressure tests, test value has to be specified and MUST NOT exceed specification of glass enclosure nor 3rd party equipment
Polyurethane coatingPolyurethane coating of VITROVEX hemispheres (approx. 0.5mm width, semi-transparent white colour); a free circumferential area of approx. 10mm off the equator will remain
Paint coatingfig10 Paint coated VITROVEX hemisphere.jpgPaint coating of VITROVEX hemispheres, windows for display of serial number or vacuum monitor may kept out
Shell modificationModification of protective shells

More information will follow soon…