The table below shows the characteristics for the most common floatation spheres and their configuration options. This list shall be regarded as selection guide rather than a definitive list.

If your preferred glass enclosure is not listed, please get in touch with Nautilus Marine Service or your nearest representative to discuss more options.

Model seriesdepth ratingouter diameterwall sizeapprox.
net buoyancy
weight in air
protective shell optionsvacuum port options
NMS-FS-6700-176700174320.551426571738none, S, ROVP, VPL, VPS, VPR
NMS-FS-7000-137000133300.47121123919none, ROVP, VPL, VPS, VPR
NMS-FS-9000-179000174320.711822472248none, S, ROVPL, VPS, VPR
NMS-FS-10000-1010000102500.35951048none, ROVP, VPL, VPS, VPR
NMS-FS-12000-7.5120007.51870.55140.5137noneVPL, VPS, VPR
NMS-FS-12000-1712000174320.832118402555none, S, ROVPL, VPS, VPR
NMS-FS-12000-1312000133300.63168191125none, ROVPL, VPS, VPR
NMS-FS-6000-206000205080.631643952760noneVPL, VPS, VPR