Protective shells

Protective shells for VITROVEX® spherical glass housings are available for impact protection, stowing and ease of handling. They are made of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) in bright orange colour and are neutrally buoyant. Protective shells are offered in smooth or ribbed design.

Each protective shell consists of two flanged halves secured by stainless steel bolts with washers and self-locking nuts. Synthetic fiber pads between the glass sphere and the shell absorb shock and retain the sphere in its position. The number of synthetic fiber pads varies with the sphere model.

Additional mounting hardware such as Eddygrip/Eddyrope swivelling sphere attachment sets is available to support field installations.

Protective shells of ribbed design are often used in moorings or application with a large likelihood for impact whereas smooth protective shells usually used when spheres are mounted directly on underwater equipment such as landers or when the protective shell needs to be modified in order to accommodate (oversized) connectors, transducers, etc. or to provide view holes for cameras, lights etc. respectively. There is no difference in terms of hydrodynamics or net buoyancy between ribbed and smooth protective shells.

Technical drawings for protective shells are available in different formats. Please check our download section.

Please see below for the existing part numbers of all types of protective shells and their part numbers in the past.
Part numberPrevious part numbersIllustrationDescription
PS-S-17SR 432, 79025117”, smooth orange
PS-RO-17H432, 79025017”, ribbed orange
PS-RO-13SR330, 79027013” ribbed orange
PS-RO-10NMS-OPT10-o10” ribbed red
PS-RT-10NMS-OPT10-t10” ribbed transparent
Either fiber pads or rubber bumpers are used for vibration-free fixation of the glass spheres inside the protective shells. The table below shows the quantity and its correct position within the protective shell.
Part numberQty. of fiber padsPart number of fiber pads /rubber bumperIllustration