VITROVEX Mooring System with ADCP

Within a VITROVEX Mooring System, the VITROVEX buoyancy spheres are arranged vertically.
The Turkish company DenAr Deniz Araştırmaları A.Ş has chosen a different approach of the VITROVEX Mooring System for the installation of an ADCP.
For this purpose, 4 VITROVEX buoyancy spheres, each with 26kg positive buoyancy, were mounted on a metal frame using the Eddygrip mounting system.
The metal frame also serves to support an ADCP with downward facing transducers and has an attachment point for the mooring rope, releaser and anchor weight.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for their support to DenAr Deniz Araştırmaları A.Ş.

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