Due to the large advantages of pressure housings made of glass, it is only natural that VITROVEX enclosures are in great demand for underwater photography or any other application that uses or requires light.

Nautilus Marine Service can support such applications providing hemispheres made of optical glass (domes) which can often be paired with VITROVEX hemispheres made of lower optical characteristics.

Furthermore, Nautilus Marine Service can supply ready-made commodity parts such as lights and batteries to keep development expenditures down and allow our customers to be focused on their primary tasks.

Delivery program

Battery Housing

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VITROVEX® battery module

High-Performance rechargeable Li-Ion PowerPack® installed in a VITROVEX® 13” glass sphere for full ocean depth.





LED light

Depth rating: 11.000 meters

Light output: 10.000 lumens

Color temperature: 4.000K (90CRI) (Other color temperatures available on request)

Input power: 80W at 48V or 24V (Optional 12V input with reduced power/light output)

Control interface: Modbus (RS485/RTU)

Weight in air: 2,5 kg

Weight in water: 1,5 kg





Deep Sea Santa Claus

Versatile DSSC-LZ (Deep Sea Santa Claus) housing for harsh and freezing conditions. Specifically designed for applications around Christmas. Will definitely exceed pressure conditions which are typically encountered by the real Santa Claus and/or parents during Christmas. Original Santa’s usual working temperature range will also be excelled by this development.

Now, Christmas can finally be well extended to the subsea environment. Just don't forget to equip the DSSC-LZ with sufficiently heavy presents in order to let him reach the seafloor. Upon delivering the presents he will resurface safely on his own without any guidance even in the darkest and deepest depths of the sea.

  • Head diameter: 13"
  • Depth rating: 6000m
  • Evacuated to 0.3 bar
  • 2 pcs. of antlers, 12cm, all weather, for best reception of news about good children
  • 2 pcs. of never-tiring eyes, opening angle 180° each, 24/7 powerless operation,
  • Hardened red nose, able to withstand rough and high pressure conditions, no running nose even at low temperatures
  • Mouth openings for feeding
  • Protective beard, white, safeguard the head's base, can be shortened according to customer's needs or current fashion
  • Partialle filled with insulation flakes which mimick snow
  • Valve, permits generating "snowstorm" inside the head
  • Red hat, permitting head usage also under extreme cold conditions


  • Red nose with fitted LEDs for safer recovering
  • Corpus with 20" and 17" sphere, for more positive buoyancy and better overall recognition, incl. mounting rings for safe placemenmt of spheres on top of each other.

This product is 100% ecologically friendly. It will not decay (apart from the hat maybe) and will leave no contaminated remainders anywhere.

Help easing Santa Claus' burden during X-Mas by acquiring this rugged innovation.

Available from now on. Order soon!